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Grzegorz Piechna
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Grzegorz Piechna is a Polish footballer (striker) of Ceramika Opoczno (Poland). Grzegorz was born on September 18, 1976 in Opoczno (Poland). His nickname is Kie basa (a sausage), because before he started his career he worked for a butchery. Piechna played for Korona Kielce and Widzew ód in the Polish Ekstraklasa. Forwards, also known as strikers, are the players on a team in association football who play nearest to the opposing team's goal, and are therefore principally responsible for scoring goals. This very advanced position and its limited defensive responsibilities mean forwards normally score more goals than other players, accordingly, they are often among the best-known and most expensive players in their teams. This is one of modern football's most demanding positions, it requires intelligence and speed, both of execution and of thought, to perform the role well.

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